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  • Powerful Encryption module for multiple devices
  • Pocket Rocket FDE- Full Disk Encryption
  • Pocket Rocket FLE- File Level Encryption
  • IMPORTANT NOTE; THIS IS NOT A COPY PROTECTION DEVICE but a device to securely store & access your data. To know more, please click Encryption vs Copy Protection
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Full Disk Encryption DeUSB Module with AES 256-bit hardware encryption

The USB ciphering dongle that transparently encrypts data stored inside any USB drive including Blu-Ray DVD, DVD R/W, CD-R, thumb drive, hard disk or any flash card inserted into a USB card reader. Installation is easy. Simply insert the USB drive to the Encryption dongle then plug into a standard USB port. The drive appears in the computer in a few seconds and is ready for use just like any ordinary USB drive. All data written to the USB drive is automatically encrypted via the encryption dongle with AES 256-bit strength. There is no software or driver to install and no password to remember. All your software works the same as before except that stored data is encrypted. The encrypted USB drive can be used on any system so long as you have possessed the Encryption dongle.

Pocket Rocket FDE

Pocket Rocket FDE

Full Disk Encryption Device


      Key Features:

  • The Pocket Rocket FDE works by encrypting data on a USB storage device using a 256-bit algorithm set by a password key.
  • It encrypts all data in all I/O operations, so when used with the storage device,
    that storage device must be prepared for use by the operating system the same way
    a blank   media device would,starting with partitioning and formatting.
  •  Since the Pocket Rocket does not encrypt existing data, it is strongly recommended to “ sanitize “ any media device containing private or sensitive data before using it with the Pocket Rocket.
  • The Pocket Rocket comes new in a pass-through mode,  and will not function until a password is set using the software utility.
  • Once a Pocket Rocket with Two-Factor authentication (CA256USB-2,CA256USB-C2) has been activated with a password, it will not allow the storage to connect to the operating system until the Pocket Rocket Utility has been run once and the correct password is given.


Pocket Rocket FLE

Pocket Rocket FLE

File Level Encryption


   Key Features:

  • The Pocket Rocket works by encrypting data using a 256- bit algorithm set by a password key.
  •  It encrypts files by overwriting the same sectors used by the file with encrypted data.
  •  Then renaming the file with a new filename extension.
  • The Pocket Rocket comes new in a passthrough mode, and will not function until a password is a set using the software utility.
  • Once a Pocket Rocket with two-factor authentication (CAUF1W-2, CAUF1M-2, CAUF2W-2, and CAUF2M-2 M-2) has been activated with a password, it will not allow the storage to connect to the operating system until the Pocket Rocket utility has been run once and the correct password is given.


Additional information

Additional information

Product Specification

1) USB2.0/USB3.0 compliant
2) Encrypts all USB MSC devices including card reader
3) Compatible with Windows & MAC operating systems
4) No software/driver to install
5) Encrypts Pen Drives, USB HDD’s, Blu-Ray DVD, DVD RW, CD-R
6) Full disk encryption leaves no clear text unprotected
7) Hardware encryption AES 256-bit strength
8) 60.7mm (H) x 19.6mm (W) x 10.1mm (H) with 11g (0.39 oz) weight

How Does it Work?

The Encryption module sits between a USB host and the USB device, encrypting data before it is written to the storage and decrypting while it is read. The cryptographic operation is totally transparent to users thus produces no performance loss while all data-at-rest are hardware AES 256-bit encrypted. The operation is easy to use and requires no additional IT training.

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