RankSecure BioMetric Pen Drive
RankSecure BioMetric Pen Drive

RankSecure BioMetric Pen Drive

 3,600 4,700 +GST (GST invoice available)

  • Fingerprint USB Flash Drive.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE; THIS IS NOT A COPY PROTECTION DEVICE but a device to securely store & access your data. To know more, please click Encryption vs Copy Protection
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RankSecure Biometric Pen Drive is a secure device which can only be accessed with your fingerprint!

The Biometric Pen Drive from RankSecure solves three major issues faced by most individuals

  •  The number of ever growing passwords that one has to remember and manage.
  •  The frequent requirement of important documents for almost anything that you need to get like a SIM , Bank Loan, KYC and for various other purposes.
  •  A safe vault for your confidential data like Financial data, IPR, videos, pictures, your password, designs and more.

And the best part is that it is small and portable something which can be with all the time.


Do you use one password for many sites?

Do you have a system for managing your passwords?

Do you have to search for your important documents when you need them?

Do you wish you had a way to very securely store your important data like Financial data, IPR, Videos, Images, Quotes etc so that it can never fall into the wrong hands?

                                     A single pen drive can make all the difference…

                                               A single RankSecure pen drive.

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